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Someone who acts like an entrepreneur inside of an organization. They promote innovation, risk taking, and create initiatives that have an impact. They are the “dreamers that do”.

Activating the power of your emotional intelligence (EI) is the best way for you to guarantee your leadership success and make the difference you want to make. 

The type of leadership that leaves a legacy by making a powerful difference in business, people’s lives, and the world itself.

A Case For Emotional Intelligence

Percentage of Leaders that are High in Emotional Intelligence


Amount Per Year People with High Emotional Intelligence Make Over People with Low Emotional Intelligence


More Per Year

Amount Emotional Intelligence Accounts for Your Success

  • Emotional Intelligence 66%
  • IQ, Technical Knowledge, Experience 33%



Source: Emotional Intelligence 2.0,Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, 2009

Emotional Intelligence in the News

Emotional Intelligence has a drastic impact on

success and leadership effectiveness.


Leading leadership and business magazines cover EI multiple times a year.

Yale and other top level universities created special departments focused on EI.

Successful companies like Google, L’Oreal, and American Express take their leaders through EI training.